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Winter Term 2009-10
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The Book

One of the requirements you will have to meet in order to be awarded credit for this course is that over a period of three months starting at the end of October you read a book of your choice that falls into the scientific writing category. For suggestions, please see the books in my section on the Reserve Shelf in the Arnimallee library, an online overview can be found here. The relevant books are labelled "Ausleihbar".

Whether you take one of those suggestions or come up with a choice of your own, please make sure the title of the book you chose and your name appear in this table by 31 October. (Links to the relevant Amazon pages are much appreciated, for synopses and reviews.)

Who's reading what?

Author: Title Name of Student
Quammen, David: The Song of the Dodo Frank Löning
Hardy, G.H.: A Mathematician's Apology Gökcen K.
Pinker, Steven: The Blank Slate Hagen Mahnke
David D.
Dawkins, Richard: The God Delusion Maximilian Krüger
Levin, Janna: How the universe got its spots Andre Zoufahl
Goldacre, Ben: Bad Science Darius W.
Sykes, Bryan: The Seven Daughters of Eve Bettina Mieth
Stewart, Ian: Why Beauty is Truth Ulrike B.
Layard, Richard: Happiness: Lessons from a New Science Adam F.
Greene, Brian: The Fabric Of The Cosmos Marlene Naumann
Shermer, Michael: Why People Believe Weird Things Konrad Wölms
Goldacre, Ben: Bad Science Jörg Behrmann
Gardner, Martin: Great Essays in Science Evelyn Schnapka
Singh, Simon: Fermat's Last Theorem Heiko D.
Whyte, Jamie: Crimes Against Logic Patrick Pett
Alexis Cruz
Atkins, Peter: Galileo's Finger Jan Lottermoser
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