English for Scientists
Winter Term 2008-9
Fridays, 2−4 pm; room 055, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.

Science Documentary Project

With a partner choose one of the documentaries listed below. You are going to watch and discuss that documentary together, in the end producing a 500-word text outlining the merits of watching that video in the context of a class such as ours. Take your cues from the summaries we will have done by then and focus on aspects of science or language that probably are of interest to your fellow students, trying to capture their imagination.

Google them to find out more about your options. The project should be finished by 30 January.

Title Students
BBC Atom Christian/Simon
Carl Sagan's Cosmos Richard/Tamaz/Tas
The Day the Universe Changed Friedemann/Andreas
BBC The Human Face Alexandra/Laura
BBC The Private Life of Plants Thilo/Tom
BBC Walking with Dinosaurs Ole/Carlos
The Genius of Charles Darwin Bart/Lisa
BBC The Human Body Katharina
BBC Space Christoph/Marcus
BBC The Blue Planet Bart/Lisa
BBC The Planets Bart/Lisa
BBC The Ascent of Man Bart/Lisa
PBS A Science Odyssey Bart/Lisa
BBC Autopsy Alexander/Christian
BBC Auschwitz Bart/Lisa
BBC Cousins Bart/Lisa
PBS Evolution Bart/Lisa

Who the hell are Bart and Lisa and why have they reserved all interesting topics?

They are just cool and interested in it. Im looking forward to read their texts.
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