English for Scientists

Summer Term 2008
Fridays, 2−4 pm; room 055, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.

The Book

One of the requirements you will have to meet in order to be awarded credits for this course is that over a period of two months starting at the beginning of May you read a book of your choice that falls into the scientific writing category. Below is a table containing a couple of suggestions from me that you may choose from. If you have come up with something on your own, get my seal of approval and add the book to the table. In any event, please make sure the title of the book you chose and your name appear in this table by 2 May.

The first 13 books in this table will be available on the Reserved Book Shelf in the faculty library in Arnimallee from the second week of May. If you would like to borrow one of these books, please contact me so I can authorise you to take it out. (Click on the titles for synopses and reviews.)

To chart your progress and to make sure you build up some vocabulary, you will look up and write down English definitions for a total of at least 150 words or phrases from your book. In practice, I will check your list every two weeks and see to it that you have added at least 30 more words or phrases to it. The checkpoints are: 16 May, 30 May, 13 June, 27 June, 11 July.

Author: Title Name of Student
Dennett, Daniel: Breaking the Spell Dummy D.
Quammen, David: The Song of the Dodo Dummy D.
Greene, Brian: The Fabric of the Cosmos Dummy D.
Pinker, Steven: The Blank Slate Dummy D.
Atkins, Peter: Galileo's Finger Dummy D.
Diamond, Jared: Guns, Germs and Steel Dummy D.
Sacks, Oliver: Uncle Tungsten Dummy D.
Gould, Stephen Jay: Dinosaur in a Haystack Dummy D.
Gardner, Martin: Great Essays in Science Dummy D.
Dawkins, Richard: The God Delusion Dummy D.
Dawkins, R.: The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing Dummy D.
Sagan, Carl: The Demon-Haunted World Dummy D.
Pinker, Steven: The Language Instinct Dummy D.
Kuhn, Thomas S.: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions johnny
Preston, Richard: The Cobra Event Mikhail Popov


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