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English Two
Winter Term 2009-10
Thursdays, 4−6 pm; room 049, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.
Office Hours: Mon 10-12 on Campfire or by appointment

The Book

One of the requirements you will have to meet in order to be awarded credit for this course is that over a period of three months starting at the end of October you read an English book of your choice.

Please make sure the title of the book you chose and your name appear in this table by 31 October. (Links to the relevant Amazon pages are much appreciated, for synopses and reviews.)

Who's reading what?

Author: Title Name of Student
Hendee, Barb & J.C.: Dhampir Flo
Dunham, William: Journey through Genius Gökcen
Bryson, Bill: A Walk in the Woods Lisa
Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World (wikipedia) Sascha
Adams, Douglas: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Max D.
Adams, Douglas: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Simon
Meyer, Stephanie: New moon Bistra
Meyer, Stephanie: Twilight Daniel
Williams, Tad: Shadowmarch Raoul
Eugenides, Jeffrey: The Virgin Suicides Nora
Orwell, George: 1984 Alex
Austen, Jane & S. Grahame-Smith: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lotte
Brown, Dan: The lost Symbol Mareike
Pratchett, Terry: Mort Christian
Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Janko
Lauren Weisberger: The Devil Wears Prada Katharina
Hornby, Nick: Long Way Down Julian
Hornby, Nick: High Fidelity Steve
Anderson, Sherwood: Winesburg, Ohio Jannis
Fitzgerald, F. Scott: The Great Gatsby Hannes G.
Pratchett, Terry Night Watch Ben
Picoult, Jodi: Mercy Jessy
Danielewski, Mark Z.: House of Leaves Benjamin
Brown, Dan: Deception Point Wojtek
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