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English One
Winter Term 2009-10
Fridays, 10−12 am; room 049, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.
Office Hours: Mon 10-12 on Campfire or by appointment


We were request to write a story with unknown words which we found out during our investigations. We decided to split up our group into two smaller groups whereas one subgroup worked on the pronounciation of words and the other subgroup worked on a story (or on stories). Now the 'story subgroup' has to compare their results (because each tried to write one story) and use them to write the ultimate story.

Max`s draft
Once upon a time, an ova was going to grow up. It was not really palpable or huge, it was utterly a sweet almost invisible one. Over the years, the ova -called little Ashlee- became bigger and bigger and older and older. Consequently Ashlee expected to explore the big, wide world to hopefully see uncharted places and maybe unknown creatures or animals. That is why she diurnal tried to invent a “super-fantastic-essential“ “survival-energy“-drink which she could scramble with many daffy ingredients to outlive her awesome journey. One morning, the ova started with lot of enthusiasm her journey and suppressed her drink production. While Ashlee wanted to get on the road, a scavenger who is by the way a vertebrate and called Ralf, suddenly decided (for any reasons) to join her. They set out for the middle of nowhere, enjoyed a fulfilled life together, discovered many beautiful and amazing places and lived happily ever after.

Circle of Life - Matthias W.

It all began when I became a member of “Young Ova Waiting to Get Visited by a Sperm cell”. They explained to me, how to behave, if it is on me, to create new life. And so I waited diurnal for some kind of hero to fusion with and become a great vertebrate that way.
The days went by and so my happiness was fading away palpable. It was just a question of time, till something had to happen. Either most cells last visitor, the death, would come for a break und metamorphose me into food for a scavenger or a goddamn sperm cell would finally cross my ways.
And it did happen. (The second possibility of course, because otherwise the story would end now, what, and you will agree, would be quiet too less and without something to interpret.)
Never before I experienced something more exciting than the arrival of the long-tailed divers. My whole flat got shaken before the doorbell ringed. I was utterly surprised to see this guy standing right in front of me, while all his buddies were standing behind him, thinking about what to do now. For some unknown reason they decided to compete who will stay alive at last.
His name was John and he came from a place he called balls. I did not ask for more information. I did not want to talk. I just wanted to fulfill my destiny and so did he. And so we scrambled like a Harrier of the British Navy into pure pleasure. He suppressed my doubt about fate. We had a wonderful time until this son of a hirer kicked us out of our home nine months later.
We oozed out and light, like never ever seen before leaded us the way out. Is it actually ironic, that the birth starts with a light at the end of the tunnel and people also see a white one when they die? Throughout it was a difficult question, we were not in the position to find an answer, because when we finally got out, our story ended and a new one started. A story full of excitement, disappointment, tiredness or whatever spending the best time of a humans life in a university is. Life is something inconsistent anyway. So let us say that it will be an interesting story, until the YOWGVSC will have a new member.

Alexanders Story - Part 1

It was a more dusty day than normal days. The heat was palpable. Harmonica music soars around and a light breeze carried sand, various coloured leaves and a scavenger through the air. He landed an looked around for a meal. Last days he had to settle for some worms ore some other invertebrate creatures. But today he will have some more luck. The scavenger was utterly sure smelling a scrambled vertebrate already roasted some days by the thermogene sun. He follows the trace of the perfume around some old left barracks. A tumble-weed crosses his way and then he saw his meal. The blood has already through the sand and the cadaver was splattered. The scavenger won't have much afford... But how got this cheerless figure to this place?

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