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Presentation Workshop
Berlin Mathematical School (BMS)
Group A: 17−18 Jan 2009 · 9 am−5 pm · MA 315, TU Berlin.
Group B: 31 Jan−1 Feb 2009 · 9 am−5 pm · MA 315, TU Berlin.


This is a dedicated workshop for graduate students affiliated with the Berlin Mathematical School. To give you an idea of what is in store for you, let me just quote from the brochure:

This two-day event will be a chance for participants to achieve proficiency in three key areas: how to be passionate, personally engaging, and own the room; how to connect with the audience, be relevant, establish a flow, and reach clearly established goals; and how to be both confident and concise in English.

In each of these areas, lots of hands-on practice will help participants find a presentation style that is both natural and effective, and they will become familiar with techniques and methods to deal with the most common obstacles in presentations, guaranteeing good results, boosting creativity, and making them better public speakers in English.

What you need to do before the workshop starts: Get one of the four core books listed below—whichever one appeals to you most. Make a note of the two things you would most like to be able to do and how you can imagine they might be applied to a talk you could give in your field of study. If you like, you can already discuss this and other topics with your colleagues in the Forum.



  • Carnegie, Dale: The Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  • Koegel, Timothy: The Exceptional Presenter
  • Reynolds, Garr: Presentation Zen
  • Weissman, Jerry: Presenting to Win

  • De Bono, Edward: Six Thinking Hats
  • Brown, Derren: Tricks of the Mind

Most of these books are available rather cheap from The Book Depository.

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