What-Is Planning Overview

A short overview about all planned what-is dates and BMS Fridays. Enter your name whenever you
  • organize
  • attend
  • not attend
  • bring the camera to
a what-is talk. This helps to ensure that there is always a few of us present for each talk, and is also important for camera hand-over.

Out of Service starting from Summer Semester 2018

Since 25 March 2018, this calendar is not being updated. It has been replaced by the Google calendar of the "What is...?" seminar and by the whatsapp group of the organizers.

Winter Semester 2017/18

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending Camera
20 October     No what-is (Geo.X Career Day)        
27 October BMS Loft Steffen Lauritzen Jannes Münchmeyer (HU) Qianheng Georg, Josué, András Irem, Johanna, Luan Georg
3 November TU (3rd floor) 14:00 -- Carlos Améndola (TU) Josué András?    
10 November BMS Loft Kovalevskaya C.: Ilaria Perugia Moni Eisenmann (TU) András (no recording)
17 November     No what-is (Voice and speach training soft-skills)      
24 November BMS Loft Claus Scheiderer Mario Kummer (MPI Leipzig) Johanna, Josué András Josué (no recording)
1 December     No what-is (Planning your career path soft-skills)      
8 December TU MA316 -- Georg Loho (TU) Josué Johanna, Georg András Georg
15 December BMS Loft Anna Wienhard Lara Skuppin (TU) Johanna tba   Georg
22 December     No what-is (last day of classes)      
12 January TU MA212 -- András Tóbiás (TU) András Qianheng Josué   Josué
19 January BMS Loft Marlis Hochbruck Marek Gluza (FU) Josué tba András
26 January     No what-is
2 February BMS Loft Hélène Barcelo Alexander Müller (FU) Josué tba Josué András
9 February     No what-is (week before exams)  
16 February BMS Loft Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Héctor Andrade Loarca (TU) András Qianheng Georg András
20 February (BMS Days) BMS Loft Frank Noé Mohsen Sadeghi (FU) András tba tba András

Summer Semester 2017

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending Camera
21 April BMS Loft Michael Hutchings Alexander Fauck (HU) Asylia     András
28 April TU - Giulia Codenotti (FU) Josué András   Asylia
5 May BMS Loft Klaus-Robert Müller Patrick Jähnichen (HU) Asylia     András
12 May Dropped (I, Scientist) --          
19 May Dropped (Euler Lecture) Alfio Quarteroni --        
25 May Dropped (Himmelfahrt-weekend) --          
2 June   Kovalevskaya C.: Sujatha Ramdorai Marcin Lara (FU)       Georg
9 June Dropped (soft-skills) --          
16 June Dropped (von Mises Lecture) Wiesław Żelazko          
June Dropped (soft-skills) --          
30 June   Avi Wigderson Josué Tonelli Cueto (TU)     András, Asylia  
7 July FU/HU/TU?? -- Paul Breiding (TU)   Asilya İrem, Josué, András  
14 July   Camillo De Lellis Robert Lasarzik (TU) András Asilya    
21 July FU? -- İrem Portakal (FU)   András Asilya  

Winter Semester 2016/17

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending
October 21 BMS Loft Alexander Martin Stanley Schade (FU) Josué Josué, Konstantin  
November 4   Maryna Viazovska Antareep Mandal Barbara Barbara, Konstantin  
November 17/18 BMS Loft BMS 10th Anniversary No what-is      
December 2   Peter Teichner No what-is      
December 16   Christoph Benzmüller Martin Skrodzki Konstantin Konstantin  
January 13 BMS Loft Dietrich Stoyan Shagnik Das Konstantin Konstantin  
January 27   Monika Ludwig Josué     Konstantin
February 10   Endre Süli Lasse Hinrichsen Johanna   Konstantin
February 21 BMS Loft @ BMS days Michael Joswig Georg Loho Johanna Konstantin  

Summer Semester 2016

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending
April 29 BMS Loft Shiri Artstein-Avidan Mara Ungureanu Barbara Konstantin  
May 6 Dropped (Himmelfahrt)          
May 13 BMS Loft Enrico Arbarello Fei Ren Konstantin Konstantin  
May 27 Dropped (Euler-lec)          
June ? Dropped (von Mises)          
June 17 BMS Loft Bernd Sturmfels Kathlén Kohn Josue, Konstantin Konstantin  
July 8 Harnack Haus Henry Cohn Albert Haase (FU) Konstantin Konstantin  

Winter semester 2015/2016.

Date Location Main Talk What is...? Organizer Attending NOT Attending
Oct 16 BMS Loft Geordie Williamson Patrick Da Silva Barbara, Giovanni Barbara, Konstantin, Patrick  
Oct 30 BMS Loft Pierre Cartier Filippo Nuccio Barbara, Giovanni Patrick, Konstantin  
Nov 13 TU(!) Christian Haase Jan Hofmann Konstantin Konstantin  
Nov 27 BMS Loft Emo Welzl DROPPED -   Konstantin
Dec 11 BMS Loft Julia Wolf Christoph Spiegel Konstantin Konstantin  
Jan 15 BMS Loft Philippe Michel ? Barbara, Giovanni ? Konstantin
Jan 29 BMS Loft Christof Schütte Stefan Stefan & Patrick ?  
Feb 05 FU SR031 - Josue Cueto Konstantin Konstantin  
Feb 12 TU Lex Schrijver Miriam Schlöter Patrick Konstantin  
Feb 16 BMS Loft Jörg Liesen Irem Portakal Konstantin Konstantin  

BMS Days in February 2016.

What-is Talk on Feb. 16, 10am@BMS Loft/Urania

Summer Semester 2015

Date Location Organizer Attending NOT Attending
April 24 BMS Loft Konstantin Konstantin Mimi
May 08 TU (MA 043) Barbara   Mimi, Konstantin
May 15 Dropped (Himmelfahrt-Weekend)      
May 22 Dropped (Euler-lec)      
May 29 Dropped (Non-linear algebra)      
June 05 FU /TU/HU Konstantin Konstantin  
June 12 BMS Loft Mimi Konstantin (maybe), Mimi  
June 19 FU/TU/HU Barbara, Gregor   Konstantin
June 26 Dropped (Mises)      
July 03 FU/HU/TU ? ? Mimi, Konstantin
July 10 BMS Loft Konstantin (?) Konstantin Mimi

Winter Semester 2014/15

DATES LOC Organizer Attending NOT Attending
Oct 24 HU Barbara Ugur(video) Mimi
Oct 31 Urania Mimi Ugur(WhatIs video) Stefan(Friday video) Mimi
Nov 7 Cancelled BMS Awarding Ceremony
Nov 14 Urania Mimi   Stefan, Mimi
Nov 21 Cancelled Dies Mathematicus@TU
Nov 28 Urania Mimi Konstantin Stefan
Dec 5 FU Mimi Konstantin Stefan  
Dec 12 Urania   Konstantin Stefan  
Jan 9 Urania   Konstantin  
Jan 16 TU Mimi Mimi  
Jan 23 Urania      
Jan 30        
Feb 6 Urania      


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