NullGroup: a group with no members whatsoever

The purpose of this group is as follows: If one wants to require a login for viewing a page (or web), one has to set either ALLOWTOPICVIEW (or ALLOWWEBVIEW) or DENYTOPICVIEW (or DENYWEBVIEW). See AccessControl for details.

If nobody of those who can login shall be excluded from viewing, one would have to have a group representing everybody to add to ALLOWTOPICVIEW. This is cumbersome to maintain, therefore we do not do it this way. The alternative is adding a group representing nobody to DENYTOPICVIEW, which is what we do.

The page you are looking at is the group to be used for that purpose: NullGroup.

Summing up: to require login for viewing a page, add
" * Set DENYTOPICVIEW = NullGroup"
to that page.

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