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BMS Friday and student seminar on [DATE]


Dear Professor [NAME],

I am one of the organizers of the student-run "What is...?" seminar. We are organizing a seminar to precede your BMS Friday talk on [DATE].

In case you are not familiar with our seminars, the idea is to bring together the math students from all the different fields of mathematics in Berlin/Potsdam to get an idea of what we're all working on while learning a little bit of the vocabulary necessary to understand its content. It's a weekly seminar, and on the weeks when there is a BMS Friday, we like to match the theme to the Friday talk so that students who are not familiar with the topic of the Friday speaker can better follow the colloquium talk.

The "What is ...?" seminar is not meant as a summary or "lay" version of your talk. Rather, it's our way to introduce to our fellow students to your research area by giving them a small taste of it in a short talk given by one of their own in an attempt to build new connections, friendships and, perhaps, collaborations.

We were hoping to get your help in finding a speaker. Please help us narrow down possible topics so that we can find an appropriate speaker. If you have any particular keywords that you would like us to focus on, for example, please let us know.

Any suggestions or comments you can provide for us will be very helpful.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!




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