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sally is a tool that solves the following combinatorial selection problem using Lagrangian relaxation.

Given k sets with n_i weighted elements per set (i = 1, ..., k) and a weighted k-partite graph G whose node set consists of the elements and whose edges links elements from different sets, choose exactly one element per set such that the induced k-partite graph has minimum weight.

This problem appears in many different areas, including protein side chain placement, frequency assignment, and RNA structure determination by exploiting homological relations.

Quick Start

Try running

sally -o ./sally.params

In sally.params you will find some options you can change, in particular the location and format of the data file.

More: to be done

Running sally

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version dateSorted ascending link description comments
1.0 18 Oct 07 sally 1.0 current release Linux, 32 bit

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