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These are some example references [2], [3], [1]. Very nice.

And here the math capabilities:

$ E=mc^2 $

 \mathcal N(\mu, \sigma^2) \sim \frac {1}{\sigma\sqrt{2\pi}}\exp\left(-\frac {1}{2} \left(\frac{x-\mu}{\sigma}\right)^2\right)


[1] Petety V. Balaji, Pradman K. Qasba, and V.S.R. Rao. Molecular dynamics simulations of high-mannose oligosaccarides. Glycobiology, 4(4):497--515, 1994.
[2] Astrid Blume. Expression und funktionelle Charakterisierung des Schlüsselenzyms der Sialinsäurebiosynthese, UDP-GlcNAc-2-Epimerase/ManNAc-Kinase. PhD thesis, Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie der Freien Universität Berlin, May 2003. [ http ]
[3] Wolfgang Damm, Antonio Frontera, Julian Tirado-Rives, and William L. Jorgensen. Opls all-atom force field for carbohydrates. Journal of Computational Chemistry, 18(16):1955--1970, 1997.

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