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This is a brief instruction of how to generate a lab report.

User Permission

Lab Agenda produces a variety of reports for the users who have access to the "Reports" tab. If you don't have access and you don't see this tab, your user group in should change. Please ask the administrator to change that. You should find it in your dashboard:

Common Reports

Common Report, produces different reports for the current day/week/month. It shows all the details about the following topics: Reserved Resources, Reserved Accessories, Resource Usage - Time Booked, Resource Usage-Reservation Count, Top 20 Users Reports.

Create a New Report

In this page, the user is able to make a customized report based on different resources with various filters: The type of output (list, total time, count), Usage, Time range, including/excluding exceptions.

All the report are convertible to CSV files to view them in spread-sheets.


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