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Wiki's ABI web The ABI web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of Wiki Wiki Logo der Freien Universität Berlin.ABI AlDaBiWS10Groups Page AlDaBiWS10Groups Tragen Sie hier ihre Gruppe mit deren Teilnehmern (voller Name) ein. Zurück zur Veranstaltungsseite. Gruppen Gruppennr. Teilnehmer 1 ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2020-02-05T10:15:57Z kassecke CalendarOrders OUTDATED! Please use calendar orders at https://www.mi.fu Calendar Order Table Name DIN A 4, card board, 6 months on each side ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-11-04T10:19:03Z kassecke BeamerCalendars OUTDATED! Go to: https://wikis.fu Beamer Calendars * Beamer Calendar General (beamer for lending/public use, if need be) * Beamer ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T17:09:33Z kassecke OfficeEquipment OUTDATED! Do not use. Office Furniture Hardware / Büroeinrichtung Technik Office Chairs / Bürostühle Room No. total number of chairs *how many are flawed ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T15:36:49Z kassecke BeverageOrder OUTDATED! Do not use. Page BeverageOrder We plan to regularly order beverages and others from Please fill in your orders and give the ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T15:35:35Z kassecke WebHome Return to ABI Homepage DEPRECATED! Go to our new wiki: https://wikis.fu Available Wiki Pages Table of Contents (Z A) Teaching ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T15:30:46Z kassecke LectureWiki OUT OF USE! Go to: https://kvv.imp.fu * SS 2018 * PMSB SeqAn * SS 2017 * PMSB SeqAn * SS 2016 * Journal Club * Sequence ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T12:16:24Z kassecke ReinertAppointment OUTDATED! Go to: http://www.mi.fu hours/ if ( == "") document.write(' back'); else { var date ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-10-01T12:01:23Z kassecke HowToImproveYourWriting How To Improve Your Slides, Articles etc. This document aims to help to circumvent some pitfalls in data presentation and creating scientific articles and slides. ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-09-23T13:30:01Z kassecke ThesesHome Theses Page OUTDATED! Go to: https://kvv.imp.fu Available topics * If you are interested in doing your thesis in algorithmic bioinformatics ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-09-23T09:22:28Z kassecke ThesisProposals Thesis Proposals OUTDATED! Go to: https://kvv.imp.fu Here is the section for BSc and MSc students. At the beginning of the thesis the student and ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-09-23T09:21:29Z kassecke CalenderOrders Page CalendarOrders Calendar Order Table Name DIN A 4, card board, 6 months on each side large sized paper calendar, one year on one sheet (fits on door: 86x61 ... (last changed by GesineMilde) 2019-09-19T07:32:34Z gesinem OfficeChairs Office Furniture Hardware / Büroeinrichtung Technik Office Chairs / Bürostühle Room No. total number of chairs how many are flawed/need replacement ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-09-11T14:28:42Z kassecke EventLocations Event Locations A selection of full service locations for meetings, conferences, retreats, and of places to go for lunch/dinner or special events. For the organization ... (last changed by AnjaKasseckert) 2019-02-07T15:12:19Z kassecke FMTree Improving Location Algorithms in FM indices Implementation of FMtrees A recently published paper improves the location time (retrieving positions in the text) for ... (last changed by ChristopherPockrandt) 2018-05-30T14:40:27Z cpockrandt SuffixArrayConstruction Implementation of Suffix Array Construction Algorithms The SDSL (Succinct Data Structure Library) has various implementations of string indices based on suffix arrays ... (last changed by ChristopherPockrandt) 2018-05-30T14:19:28Z cpockrandt
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