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  • J'arrive où je suis étranger
  • Un jour tu passes la frontière
  • D'où viens-tu mais où vas-tu donc
  • Demain qu'importe et qu'importe hier
  • Aragon (from: J'arrive où je suis étranger)

  • He was my North, my South, my East, my West,
  • My working week and my Sunday rest,
  • My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
  • I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.
  • Auden (from: Stop all the clocks)

  • Es ist Unsinn   sagt die Vernunft     Es ist was es ist   sagt die Liebe
  • Es ist Unglück   sagt die Berechnung     Es ist nichts als Schmerz   sagt die Angst
  • Es ist aussichtslos   sagt die Einsicht     Es ist was es ist   sagt die Liebe
  • Es ist lächerlich   sagt der Stolz     Es ist leichtsinnig   sagt die Vorsicht
  • Es ist unmöglich   sagt die Erfahrung     Es ist was es ist   sagt die Liebe
  • Fried (from: Liebesgedichte, Angstgedichte, Zorngedichte)

  • У меня сегодня много дела:
  • Надо память до конца убить,
  • Надо, чтоб душа окаменела,
  • Надо снова научиться жить,—
  • Akhmatova (from: Requiem)

  • Secretary: Beate Pierchalla
  • Telefon: +49-30-838-75386
  • Email: bpiercha(at)

    Current Events:

    Forschungsseminar WiSe 2016: Berkovich spaces, singularity theory and birational geometry

    Guest seminar WiSe 2016

    Kolleg Mathematik und Physik

    DFG Priority Programme "Homotopy Theory and Algebraic Geometry" SPP 1786

    Past Events:

    ARITHMETIC ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY Conference FU Berlin, June 10--14, 2013

    Conference Multi Zeta Values in Mathematics and Phyiscs (October 1-5 2013)

    Forschungsseminar WS 2012/2013: Deligne's Finiteness Theorem

    Forschungsseminar SS 2013: p-adic period map (after Beilinson)

    Seminar SS 2013, with Dirk Kreimer, HU: Feynman Graphs in Quantum Field Theory and Algebraic Geometry

    Forschungsseminar WS 2013/14: Higher dimensional class field theory and ramification (after Kerz and al.)

    Master-PhDetc..seminar WS 2013/14: Higher dimensional class field theory and ramification

    Forschungsseminar SS 14: Pro-étale Cohomology (after Bhatt-Scholze)

    GAeL Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté (June 2014)

    Clay Mathematics Institute Summer School 2014

    School in Lukecin Sept.8--12, 2014: Topics in characteristic p>0 and p-adic geometry

    Forschungsseminar WS 2014/15: "Chow groups of zero cycles over p-adic fields"

    AMS Summer Institute Algebraic Geometry 2015/ Arithmetic Geometry: July 27-31

    Forschungsseminar SS 2015: "Families of rationally simply connected varieties" after de Jong-He-Starr

    Guest seminar SS 2015

    Day of Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry, March 12, 2015

    Santalo Lecture 2015

    Forschungsseminar WS 2015/16: Supersingular K3 surfaces are unirational

    Guest seminar WS 2015/16

    Forschungsseminar WS 2015/16: Topological Hochschild Homology and the de Rham-Witt Complex

    Rademacher Lecture Series 2015-2016

    Workshop: Generalizations of A^1-Homotopy Invariance in Algebraic Geometry and Homotopy Theory

    Forschungsseminar SoSe 2016: Motivic Galois Theory and Periods

    Guest seminar SoSe 2016

    Kolleg Mathematik und Physik

    Day of Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, Leibniz room of the Berlin Accademy, May 20-th 2016, Lectures by R. Pandharipande, E. Kowalski and V. Srinivas.


    Winter 2016/17:
    Course: Number Theory III (=Class Field Theory) (Hélène Esnault, ex. Lars Kindler)
    Seminar on l-adic sheaves (Marco d'Addezio and Marcin Lara)
    Three students' seminars (Lars Kindler, Shane Kelly)

    Summer 2016:
    Course: Number Theory II (Hélène Esnault, ex. Valentina di Proietto)
    Seminar on D-modules (Elena Lavanda and Wouter Zomervrucht)
    Two students' seminars on Algebraic Groups (Lei Zhang) and Riemann Surfaces (Valentina Di Proietto)

    Winter 2015/16:
    Course: Number Theory I (=Commutative Algebra) (Hélène Esnault, ex. Valentina di Proietto)
    Course: Elliptic Curves (Kay Rülling)
    Seminar on Intersection Theory (Pedro Castillejo and Yun Hao)
    Two students' seminars (Valentina Di Proietto, Lei Zhang)

    Summer 2015:
    Course: Number Theory II (Lars Kindler)
    Advanced Course: Fundamental Groups in Algebraic Arithmetic Geometry (Hélène Esnault)
    Three students' seminars (Valentina Di Proietto, Lei Zhang)

    Winter 2014/15: Algebraic Number Theory III (Kay Rülling) and two seminars (Lars Kindler, Lei Zhang)

    Course SS14: Algebraic Number Theory II

    Course WS13: Algebra 1 (Commutative algebra)

    Course SS13: Algebraic Number Theory II

  • Lectures at the AMS Summer Research Institute Algebraic Geometry, Utah, July 27-28-30 2015, Some Fundamental Groups in Arithmetic Geometry

  • Lecture at the Bibiothèque Nationale de France, Jan. 15th, 2014: 1+1=0; Monsieur Weil, est-ce bien rationnel?
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