Universal Reasoning, Rational Argumentation and Human-Machine Interaction

Christoph Benzmüller— 2017

Classical higher-order logic, when utilized as a meta-logic in which various other (classical and non-classical) logics can be shallowly embedded, is well suited for realising a universal logic reasoning approach. Universal logic reasoning in turn, as envisioned already by Leibniz, may support the rigorous formalisation and deep logical analysis of rational arguments within machines. A respective universal logic reasoning framework is described and a range of exemplary applications are discussed. In the future, universal logic reasoning in combination with appropriate, controlled forms of rational argumentation may serve as a communication layer between humans and intelligent machines.

TitelUniversal Reasoning, Rational Argumentation and Human-Machine Interaction
VerfasserChristoph Benzmüller
VerlagCornell University Library
ThemaClassical higher-order logic, Artificial Intelligence
Erschienen inarXiv
Zitierweisecite as: arXiv:1703.09620
Größe oder Länge9 pages