High-School Students


OSA (Online wizard for the choice of fields of studies )


The online wizard supports prospective students in choosing a field of studies by giving subject related summaries and jobwise perspectives. On the basis of example tasks and questions regarding to the expectations, prospectives can develop and determine if the choice is compliant with the personal interrests and competencies.   



The inFU:tage (informtion days/open day) of the Freie Universität Berlin offering a lot of discussions concerning the fields of studies the Freie Universität offers, to give an overview of the subjects and to facilitate and ease the choice for prospective students. 



The FU-Student-Labs are permanent initiatives of the Freie Universität Berlin, to give an fully adjustable and customizable access to the field of studies in computer science for certain targetgroups like pupils, teenagers and every kind of interrested person in computer science, the science of mathematics and natural and technical orientated science (MINT). The Studend-Lab events are created  and addressed to whole school classes or courses and similar constitutions to activate and stimulate the participants in a inspiring lern- and research abience and to come on contact with all kinds of FU members. Mostly, the lab is a test area for future teaching units which will be integraded into framework curricula of common schools and colleges.   



The MINTToring team offers 7th graduating females insights in several fields of science e.g. physics and computer scienece.

The participants can get insight into researches and make own experiences in participating exciting Tinker&Talks, MiniLabs and MaXiLabs. It is possible to get in touch with other female scientists and scholars and lern more about common fields of science.

Office of networking: Schools, Colleges and Universities


On the oneside, an aim of the DMV is to encourage the lecturers and teachers of schools and colleges to amplify the exchange and communincation among themselfs and on the otherside the aim is to atrract and gain young people to mathematical aprenticships and studies, to counteract the recruitment problem of math based work and research.



The Freie Universität Berling offeres, interessting, exciting and thrilling events, courses and lectures during the last two weeks of the summerbreak in germany, for graduates and pupils of the 10th class. Participats and interessted persons of the SommerUni get possibly in touch with scientists working groups and other involved people of the Freie Universität Berlin.



ProInformatik gives the opportunity to pre-study before you start your actual studies or to get a preview of the computer science studies. The proinformatik-couses are focusing on A level graduates who want to use the period between the graduation and the start of the studies, to get impressions of the field of studies and the university environment. Within the scope of the pre-studies, it is possible to participate up to four moduls of the Bachelor studies. If you pass either one, two, three or all of them, the exams will be granded for your bachelor studies. In fact, you can finish your first actual first semseter, before it has begun.