MentorIn werden!

Duties of a Mentor

First of all, Mentors are supporters for freshmen. Mentors are the omnipresent main address for help seeking students. Mentors are able to answer all kinds of questions, helping to find solutions or mediating if necessary. Futhermore, they are organizing and guiding through the weeks of orientation and organization and they are organizing and leading aditional events during the semester e.g. Crash-Courses.      

Who can be a Mentor?

Everyone who finished the 3rd semester and successfully passed all the lectures, seminars and exams, can become a Mentor. Competitors should have an extraordinary sense of communication and organisational skills. 

How to apply?

The following documents are necessary for the application:

  • letter of application (informal with a reference "Mentoring" and your subject)
  • letter of motivation (mentioning the own strong points and claiming the own skills which are usefull in being a Mentor)
  • course assesment (PDF created from Campus Management, it does not have to be confirmed by the office of studies and examination)
  • curriculum vitae (CV)

Please send all documents as PDF-files to

There is no exact due date for the application. Just give it a go, whenever you want. In case you want to become a Mentor in the upcomming semester, you should send an aplication 1-2 weeks before the lectures of the semester end.

You can get 5-ECTS-points in the ABV-section, for your work as a Mentor.