Research Seminar Combinatorics

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On Wednesday, 31.05.2017, at 16:15 in Arnimallee. 3, SR 210

Shagnik Das    (FU Berlin)

will give a talk on

 Some of my favourite problems from Sanya


Just as, some centuries ago, Marco Polo returned from China with wondrous tales of all that he had seen during his travels, so too shall I shower you with the fruits of my trip to Sanya.  Not literal fruits – the scrumptious assortment of exotic fruits we consumed during the tea breaks will live long, but only in memory – but metaphorical ones, in the form of open problems presented by fellow workshop attendees.  There were many problems on offer, and I shall share with you a carefully curated selection of those that I found most appealing.


Bring an open mind and an empty notebook (a writing implement would be advisable as well).



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