Research Seminar Combinatorics

On Wednesday the 13th of July 2016, at 16:15 in Arnimallee. 3, room SR 210

Boris Bukh (Carnegie Mellon University)

will give a talk on

One-sided epsilon-approximants.

When: On Wednesday 13.07.2016, at 16:15.

Where: At Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin, in room SR 210.

Abstract: Two common approximation notions in discrete geometry are ε-nets and ε-approximants. Of the two, ε-approximants are stronger. For the family of convex sets, small ε-nets exist while small ε-approximants unfortunately do not. In this talk, we introduce a new notion "one-sided ε-approximants", which is of intermediate strength, and prove that small one-sided ε-approximants do exist. The proof is based on a (modification of) the regularity lemma for words by Axenovich--Person--Puzynina. Joint work with Gabriel Nivasch



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