Former Team Members

Paul Kermas Student assistant from February 2015 until September 2016.
Dr. Ariane Papke Doctoral candidate from July 2013 until September 2016.
Dr. Phillip Berndt Researcher from August 2012 until March 2017.
Dr. Christoph Glawe Researcher from March 2012 until March 2015.
Anna Hartkopf Researcher from February 2012 until July 2013.
Martin C. Papke Researcher from October 2011 until October 2016.
Verena Molina Fellow from April 2011 until March 2014.
Dr. Jana de Wiljes Fellow from March 2011 until March 2014.
Agnes Wankmüller Student assistant from October 2010 until March 2015.
Dr. Warren O'Neill Fellow from October 2010 until March 2014.
Prof. Dr. Michael Oevermann Researcher from October 2010 until March 2012.
Dr. Tommaso Benacchio Fellow from October 2010 until March 2014.
Nabanita Bera Fellow and Researcher from July 2009 until March 2011.
Mareen Hallier
Fellow from May 2009 until May 2014.
Sarah Jäger Student assistant from July 2008 until September 2012.
Dr. Stamen Dolaptchiev Researcher from June 2008 until January 2009.
Christoph Schaller Researcher from January 2008 until November 2014.
Dr. Matthias Waidmann Researcher from October 2007 until May 2017.
Dr. Patrik Marschalik Researcher from October 2006 until December 2012.
Carsten Scharfenberg Researcher from July 2006 until December 2010.
Dr. Daniel Ruprecht Researcher from February 2006 until September 2010.
Dr. Antony Zachariah Owinoh Researcher from May 2005 until April 2011.
Dr. Gunter Carqué Researcher from October 2002 until October 2010.
Helmut Baumert Researcher in our group.
Laura Merchant Researcher in our group.
Dr. Eileen Päschke Researcher in our group.
Prof. Dr. Heiko Schmidt Researcher in our group.
Marcus Wandel Researcher in our group.
Dr. Romain Nguyen van yen Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow and researcher in our group.