Prof. Günter M. Ziegler reelected for DFG Senate

News from Jul 05, 2017

Günter M. Ziegler Becomes Honorary Professor at TU Berlin

Faculty II is proud to announce that Günter M. Ziegler was made Honorary Professor at Faculty II of TU Berlin. Read more.

News from May 31, 2017

Coffee into Theorems

"A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems". This is how Paul Erdős quotes Alfréd Rényi. (Yes, that's a bit complicated, this is why people assign this quote directly to Erdős.) In this spirit, we try to turn as much coffee into theorems, as possible. 50,000 cups of coffee ...

News from May 29, 2017

Digital Future Conference

May 12th 2017: The Digital Future conference opened today at Kosmos Berlin. It started with honoring computational biologist Chris Sander as a new member of the Hall of Fame of the Digital Age and his keynote. Chris Sanders studied mathematics at Freie Universität Berlin with Prof. Karl Peter ...

News from May 12, 2017

Girls Day 2017

For this years Girls Day on April 27th 2017 many girls visited Freie Universität. There were some exciting Mathematics workshops to choose from. We had one workshop from our group focusing on Schlegel diagrams held by Anna Maria Hartkopf, Giulia Codenotti, Nevena Palic and Hannah Sjöberg.

News from Apr 27, 2017