DRX 2012 - Minimal Surface Highrise Structures

Logo Henn The Design Research Exchange (DRX) is a non-profit residency program for researchers hosted by HENN. The DRX, initiated by Moritz Fleischmann (HENN Research Director) and Martin Henn (HENN Design Director), provides an open platform to unite experts from various fields. By exploring architectural topics of shared interest, the DRX promotes a multi-disciplinary discussion between academics and professionals.

The DRX is envisioned as an environment for the advancement of fresh ideas and fertile ground for experimentation situated in-between academic research & architectural practice.

[...] In 2012, the DRX took place in Berlin at HENN StudioB from July 16th 2012 through September 7th 2012. Participants included four invited DRX Experts  including Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn (TU Dresden, HENN), Dr. Toni Kotnik (ETH Zurich), Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier (FU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Patrick Teuffel and eight invited DRX Researchers with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, mathematics and computer programming. Together they formed a rich combination of skillsets, knowledge and mutual interests. [...]

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News from Oct 16, 2012

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