Workshop on Discrete Geometry

AIMS Logo The Joint AIMS - Berlin Mathematical School Workshop on "Discrete Geometry and Visualization" took place at AIMS from 8 - 12 October 2012 and formed part of the German-South African Year of Science 2012/13 programme of activities.

Delegates, made up of students from AIMS and South African universities, were introduced to the recent developments in discrete (differential) geometry with applications to computer graphics and mathematical visualization.




News from Oct 09, 2012

The courses and hands-on exercises provided interesting material for delegates. The workshop included software tutorials, mathemati-cal visualizations and animated film sequences.

The coordinator and one of the speakers at the workshop was Prof Konrad Polthier, head of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group at the Institute of Mathematics at Freie University Berlin. Other speakers included Faniry Razafindrazaka and Konstantin Poelke, (PhD students from the Institute of Mathematics at Freie University Berlin).

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