June 6th, 17:15, Talk@ZIB: Ligang Liu: Frame Fab - Robotic Fabrication of Frame Shapes


2017-06-06, 17:15, ZIB (Hörsaal): Frame shapes, which are made of struts, have been widely used in many fields, such as art, sculpture, architecture and geometric modeling, etc. An interest in robotic fabrication of frame shapes via spatial thermoplastic extrusion has been increasingly growing in recent years. In this talk, we present a novel algorithm to generate a feasible fabrication sequence for general frame shapes. To solve this non-trivial combinatorial problem, we develop a divide-and-conquer strategy that first decomposes the input frame shape into stable layers via a constrained sparse optimization model. Then we search a feasible sequence for each layer via a local optimization method together with a backtracking strategy. The generated sequence guarantees that the already-printed part is in a stable equilibrium state at all stages of fabrication, and that the 3D printing extrusion head does not collide with the printed part during the fabrication. Our algorithm has been validated utilizing a prototype robotic fabrication system made of a 6-axis KUKA robotic arm with a customized extrusion head. Experimental results demonstrate the feasibility and applicability of our algorithm.

More information at www.viscoll.de

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