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Research Assistant (m/f/d) full-time - subject to approval of funds, limited until 31.05.2023 - 13 TV-L FU - Code: WerteRadar-WM-T100

We are looking for a new team member for our new research area “Reflective Technologies”. The contract is limited until May 31st, 2023.

Remuneration group: 13 TV-L FU
Identifier: WerteRadar-WM-T100

Application deadline: The deadline has been extended until November 25th, 2020.

The HCC.lab stands for an interdisciplinary team in the field of collaborative computing and human-computer interaction. The focus is on Interactive Intelligent Systems: we see ourselves as designers of participative and sustainable technologies that promote human-machine cooperation. Our current research focuses on visualization, participation and machine learning. Our theory-driven research includes both an empirical and an engineering dimension.

We offer a creative and open environment for the realization of your research interests and will support you sustainably in realizing your academic ambitions (e.g. by participation in conferences, further education). We are committed to open source software, open science, and free access to knowledge.

Field of Activity

This position is part of the BMBF-funded interdisciplinary project WerteRadar (ValuesRadar), in which an interactive software for the reflective transfer of health data is designed together with media education, implemented by the HCC.lab and evaluated at the Charité. The research focus of this position is in the area of "Reflective Technologies", which should allow individuals to weigh up their actions at different levels. This weighing process is to be realized within a three-step process (reflect, apply, verify). The following general tasks are associated with the position:

  • Design of novel interaction concepts for "Reflective Technologies" and their implementation in the form of interactive software prototypes;
  • Implementation of a value-oriented approach to software development;
  • Conducting empirical (online) studies to evaluate the approaches;
  • Preparation of scientific publications for the dissemination of the research results.

In the context of this externally funded research project, the opportunity to do a doctorate is given.


Degree (Diploma or Master's degree) in Computer Science or related fields.


  • Very good programming skills in full-stack web development (e.g. Python, JavaScript);
  • Knowledge in at least one of the areas: human-computer interaction, data visualization or recommendation system;
  • Experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of user studies or online experiments;
  • Very good language skills in German and English, written and spoken.
  • Above-average willingness to work independently and in interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • Ability to work in a team and willingness to actively participate within the HCC team;
  • Interest in scientific work and existing experience in writing scientific texts;
  • Creativity, analytical skills, problem-solving competence, and results-oriented work.

Applications should be sent electronically by e-mail, together with supporting documentation, in PDF format (preferably as ONE document) to Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn: hcc@mi.fu-berlin.de

For this reason and for the time when Freie Universität Berlin is not present, we ask that you apply electronically by e-mail. The processing of a postal application cannot be guaranteed.

Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Institut für Informatik
Arbeitsgruppe Human-Centered Computing
Frau Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn
Königin-Luise-Str. 24/26
14195 Berlin (Dahlem)

By submitting an electronic application you are agreeing to all files being edited and stored. We give explicit notice that by not using encryption for sending in your application electronically, the Freie Universität Berlin cannot guarantee or be accountable for the security of any private information.