Exploration and Visualization of Event Data

Academic Advisor: Paras Mehta , Agnès Voisard
Degree: Bachelor


Bachelor Thesis


Exploration and Visualization of Event Data

Paras Mehta, Prof. Agnès Voisard

A large number of incidents, such as theft, pickpocketing and anti-social behaviour, are reported by citizens and government authorities, particularly in urban areas. This has become even easier now because of the widespread use of smartphones by citizens. Thus, apps such as MySociety (https://www.mysociety.org/) and FixMyStreet (https://www.mysociety.org/better-cities/) allow people to report issues in their area to authorities.

Due to the potentially large number of incoming incident reports, a server-side interface called ‘Operation Center’ is required to effectively aggregate, filter and visualize the reports. This interface is used by government authorities and public safety services to stay up-to-date with incidents happening in their city.

The goal of this thesis is to develop a prototype web-based Operation Center. Some of its functionalities/components could be:

  • Provide a JavaScript web interface showing a map with the received incident reports on it.

  • Aggregate and display details of each incident and its reports.

  • Filter events by location, time and keywords.

  • Receive messages from a mobile app and display notifications (e.g., when a new report comes in). The mobile app is already developed and not a part of this thesis.

  • Show an activity log containing a history of notifications received and actions carried out.

  • Create and send messages to mobile phones.

  • Read and write data to a database.

Experience with developing web-based applications using JavaScript, HTML, CSS would be useful.

Contact: Paras Mehta paras.mehta@fu-berlin.de, Room 170, Takustr. 9

Nicolas Lehmann mail@nicolaslehmann.de, Room 167, Takustr. 9