Information for students who want to write a Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses

Online Checklist

  1. Find an open topic or contact one of our members if you have your own topic.
  2. Find two reviewers (professors).
  3. Find an advisor  (professor or assistant).
  4. Write a description of your topic following the exposé template (you will find it below).
  5. Hold a short presentation on your topic.
  6. Write an email to Heike Eckart containing:
      • the title of your thesis
      • the abstract (in English)
      • the to-be date of registration
      • the deadline to submit
  7. Register your thesis at the "Prüfungsbüro".
  8. Master (Diploma) students only: Hold two presentations during your thesis reporting on your progress.
  9. Make an appointment with the reviewers and advisors to defend your thesis.

Offline Checklist

A printable checklist can be found here. (checklist in german)