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Winter Term 2015 / 16

19309820: Research Seminar Digital Video (Compact course (Blockseminar))
Digital Video became a major part of media communication in recent years. Besides entertainment, video technology manages to explain even complex issues in spite of regional and chronological limitations. This is why Digital Video is an increasing assistance for teaching and information nowadays. Participants of this course will deal with aspects of this phenomenon whilst learning how to make ...
InstructorFelix Daub
Student Profile Computer Science (Bachelors/Masters) and Minors.
TimeOct 16, 2015 - Feb 27, 2016
Introduction: Friday 16. Oct. 2015, 10-12h, Room SR 025/026/A6 (Arnimallee 6) Compact Course: 22.-26. Feb. 2016, 10-16h daily, Room   SR 032/A6 (Arnimallee 6)
19314012: Softwareprojekt Semantische Technologien (Project)
InstructorAdrian Paschke
TimeOct 16, 2015
10:00-12:00 (SR053/T9)
19316416: Research Seminar Semantic Technologies
Vorträge über Forschung, Bachelor-, Diplom- und Masterarbeiten, sowie Originalarbeiten aus dem Bereich Logik Programmierung, deklarative Wissensrepräsentation, semantischen Technologien und Web Technologien.
InstructorAdrian Paschke
TimeOct 16, 2015 - Feb 19, 2016
Thursday, 11  am - 13 pm