Computational Molecular Biology

Research at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics concentrates on genome analysis of man and other organisms to contribute to a global understanding of many of the biological processes in the organism, and to elucidate the mechanism behind many human diseases. It is the overall goal of the combined efforts of all MPIMG’s groups to gain new insights into the development of diseases on a molecular level, thus contributing to the development of cause-related new medical treatments.

AG ABI project areas

Algorithmic Bioinformatics

The Algorithmic Bioinformatics group of Prof. Dr. Ing. Knut Reinert focuses on the development of novel algorithms and data structures for problems in the analysis of biomedical mass data. In particular, we are interested in developing mathematical models for analyzing large genomic sequences, especially in the context of next generation sequencing (NGS), and data derived from mass spectrometry experiments, for example for detecting differential expression of proteins between normal and diseased samples.